4 Reasons Why

We get quite a few calls for technician collections here at Clean Water Lab. Through the years, I have performed many of those sample collections. Generally speaking, I’ve found 4 reasons why people choose to go with a technician for sample collection. If you’re on the fence about this service, hopefully I can bring some clarity. So here it goes!

Reason #1 Requirements

VA, USDA, FHA…these kinds of loans require it. Need it quickly? Don’t fret, we usually have next day results too.

Reason #2: The New One

Some at risk clients just don’t want to go anywhere if they don’t have to. We get it. We’re here with competitive pricing. Keep quarantined and carry on!

Reason #3: Time is Against Them

Some clients do not have time to get a kit or to bring a sample to the lab-and we have their backs! Our technicians are happy to come out to the site ASAP.

Reason #4: Concern

Some clients are worried about grabbing a clean sample. That’s understandable, so we’re here to put minds at ease. Our staff has been trained by NC Water Works Association and NC DHHS officials. We have the expertise so our clients can have peace of mind!