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Adding New Methods

We have been adding new tests to our battery of testing. While these are exciting times for Clean Water Lab, there is actually more to adding new methods than you may think. There are at least 7 Major Steps in adding a new analyte method. I’ll tell you how we do it below… but keep […]

Lab Skills: Training

TRAINING IS KEY When we onboard or develop a new procedure at Clean Water Lab, we take training very seriously. There are many reasons why we value training and here are just a few: Quality: we ensure the process is done properly every time. Efficiency: we ensure the process is done in the most efficient manner every […]

4 Reasons Why

We get quite a few calls for technician collections here at Clean Water Lab. Through the years, I have performed many of those sample collections. Generally speaking, I’ve found 4 reasons why people choose to go with a technician for sample collection. If you’re on the fence about this service, hopefully I can bring some clarity. […]